Music Man

by DHC Media March 25, 2022

Drew’s Home residents enjoyed an afternoon of music featuring Pat Heber from the Far Therapeutic Arts and Recreation Organization. Far’s mission is to provide activities for folks with special needs to enrich their lives through therapeutic music.

As part of the day’s activities, Pat entertained residents with songs that inspired them to participate. It was the day’s objective for residents to learn new ways to communicate and how they might express themselves through music.

Residents strummed guitars, played bongo drums, shook maracas, and sang songs while enacting many of the song’s words. Everyone present enjoyed making music and interpreting song lyrics. They also enjoyed a catered lunch of pizza and breads.

This program was financed through the generous returnables donations that were redeemed through the efforts of Drew, Louie, Tony, Michael, Fred, and their caretakers as well as the Everest Academy football team.

Please email us an idea, volunteer, or donate if you are interested in helping Drew’s Home’s mission of providing entertainment and educational activities for individuals with disabilities.

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