Provide safe, accessible, and comfortable living conditions to enhance the lives of adults with disabilities.

Our Vision

The vision of Drew's Home is to provide accessible residential apartments that serve as the ideal housing solution for families searching for a location with strong community ties for their adult children with disabilities.

There is currently a massive need for housing options for adults with disabilities. According to a survey done by The Arc, around 75% of adults with disabilities live with a caregiver or parent who is aging. Additionally, most of these individuals are not utilizing any sort of public programs or assistance.

Around 50% of these families do not have a long term plan for the future, possibly due to not knowing their options, barriers in finding housing, or not liking the options currently available to them. This same survey reported that the majority of individuals and their families would ideally like for them to live in their own apartment or home as opposed to a group home.


Clarkston Corners 4 Dec2021

Drew's Home of Clarkston Prayer

Heavenly Father, we come before you with our mission of Drew's Home of Clarkston. We pray for your guidance, health, and leadership as we strive to further our goals of providing for your special children. Let us offer them safe, loving, and comfortable living conditions at the hands of caring individuals. Help us model our efforts after your "Most Holy Family" so that faith and trust become our cornerstones. Continue to bless our mission until all your precious children's needs are realized. AMEN

Our History  

  • Integrated Community

    Drew's Home of Clarkston is an integrated community that consists of six (6) apartments on the upper level of the apartment complex that are rented to the general population. The lower level consists of five (5) apartments that are inhabited by adult individuals with disabilities. These five (5) apartments will always be dedicated to individuals with disabilities.

  • Board of Directors & Professional Consultants

    Within the last two (2) years, we have created a strong Board of Directors consisting of thirteen (13) caring and dedicated individuals willing to volunteer and promote the mission of Drew's Home of Clarkston. Several working committees have been formed within the Board. Within this time frame, we have hired a professional consultant that works strictly with non-profit organizations to build a strong business plan.

  • Local Business Support toward Fundraising

    Local businesses and community groups support past and current fundraising projects. These fundraising efforts have helped us to renovate four (4) apartments on the lower level of the integrated apartment complex. All five (5) apartments on the lower level house adults with disabilities. Currently, the fifth apartment is in the process of being upgraded to as close to ADA standards as possible. 

  • Resident Outings and Social Programs

    The DHC created ongoing outings for the residents, such as a bottle/can return activity. This activity enables residents to do a productive, daily-living routine in the community. The revenue from these returns are currently being used for  recreational and educational experiences for the residents.

Individuals Make a Difference 


Honoree 2020

Father Chris Maus, formerly a priest at St. Daniel's parish in Clarkston, has always encouraged the purchase and design of an alternative living space for adults with disabilities. Father Chris served as inspiration for the vision for Drew's Home. His motivation, persistence, and dedication were integral to planting the seed that has grown year after year into a successful mission.


Honoree 2021

A close friend of the Moscovics, Flo Pilarcik was a founding member of Drew's Home of Clarkston and always believed that through prayer, hope, faith, and trust the mission would be successful. Early planning meetings were held at Flo's kitchen table, which she opened with a prayer. This tradition became the inspirational DHC prayer that opens and closes meetings to this day.


Honoree 2022

Paul Maxwell has been instrumental in helping DHC gain its roots, which he proudly named. Paul served as Chair on the first Board of Directors and was the architect of creating the 501c(3).  Always generous in sharing his wisdom and knowledge to help further the DHC's mission, Paul never looks for credit for his efforts serving tirelessly for individuals and groups in need of support.

Board of Directors

Dick Moscovic
Donna Clancy
Sharon Moscovic

Linda Denstaedt
Justin Dew
Lou Donagrandi

Julie Fadal
Hal Farah
Cheryl Karrick

Joe Mazzeo
Jay Noonan
Angela Schaefer
Nancy Wojtowicz